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SCMS 91st President - Andrew Marlowe, M.D. 


Andrew Marlowe was honorably installed by Florida Medical Association (FMA) President, Alan Harmon, M.D. as the Medical Society’s 91st President on March 26, 2014 during our annual March Madness Celebration... MORE

Dr. Marlowe is a local Otolaryngologist in Sarasota. He and wife Jeanne have been married for 20 years and have three children, Alex, Fiona and Lila. They have lived in Sarasota for 16 years.


“One person cannot save organized medicine. We can make a difference as a united front. It must be a collective effort.” – Dr. Andrew Marlowe


14-SCMS Delegate Photo

The weekend of July 25-27, SCMS delegation to the Florida Medical Association House of Delegates met at the Orlando Hilton Bonnet Creek for their 2014 Annual Meeting.


We’re proud to report that Sarasota CMS certified six delegates with the FMA.  The FMA House of Delegates is a platform for all physicians to be heard.  SCMS delegation serves the physicians of Sarasota County... MORE

MEMBER ACCOLADES - We salute our members for their dedication to Medicine!


JA-BOCJody Abrams, M.D. graduated on July 27, 2014 from the Florida Medical Association Leadership Academy. Deepak Nair, M.D. serves as a 2014 Delegate for the FL Vascular Society to the Florida Medical Association House of Delegates and Councilor of the FL Vascular Society.
MPMichael Patete, M.D. was recently elected to serve as a Delegate to the American Medical Association House of Delegates. ASAlissa Shulman, M.D. is President Elect of the Sarasota County Medical Society.
On June 4th, 2014 a special celebration ceremony was held in Dr. Mahfouz El Shahawy’s honor at the University of Vienna awarding him The Golden Doctor Diploma of the University of Vienna.                                                                                                          Many distinguished guests from around the world were in attendance, including the Egyptian Ambassador to Austria, Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation President Alex Quarles and cardiology department professors/ chiefs from the United States and Austria... MORE

Julio Gonzalez, M.D. Runs for the Florida House of Representatives

JG campaign photoDr. Julio Gonzalez is running in House District 74 in Sarasota County.  Dr. Gonzalez is an active Sarasota County Medical Society and FMA member and is a TOP priority of the FMA PAC for the August 26th primary election.  Dr. Gonzalez needs our immediate help as his primary has become very contentious.  NOTE:  This race will be decided in the primary election on August 26th, so if you have not yet contributed to the Julio Gonzalez Campaign, please consider doing so now.  If you have contributed, but not yet maxed out, please consider another contribution check for him.  Dr. Gonzalez needs the support of the entire medical community to help win this race.  Please contribute NOW.  Read more on this highly publicized race... Expensive FL House Race       

Venice Gondolier Endorses Julio Gonzalez     Latest Campaign Ad

August Is...


Immunization Awareness Month

14-Oral Immunization

Vaccines have the safe and proven power to protect the body from serious infectious diseases.  Immunization is the shared responsibility of your child’s pediatrician, your family physician, public health officials and family members. 

The Medical Society is encouraging all patients to stay healthy by maintaining regularly scheduled appointments with your physician for annual check-ups and immunizations.  So, don’t forget to remind your family, friends and co-workers to get caught up on your annual vaccinations.  Talk to your family physician if you have any questions as to how immunizations affect your body or need more information. Note: Although it’s been heavily debated, there are polls that suggest most parents are vaccinating their children.  Visit for more information.

Is your family physician a member of the Sarasota County Medical Society?  Browse our lists…  Family Practice and Internal Medicine

 Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

14-kids eye safety

The Medical Society would like to take this opportunity to remind parents to schedule annual eye examinations for your children before returning back to school.

In conjunction with an exam, we’re also asking parents to help their children identify safety eye habits and preventing trauma to the eyes.  Identifying harmful situations can help your child to understand the importance of healthy vision.  There are numerous tools to introduce to young children related to eye safety.  For more information visit

Is your pediatrician a member of the Sarasota County Medical Society?  Browse our list… Pediatrics


Cataract Awareness Month

  14-adult eye care

The Medical Society encourages annual eye examines for patients 65 and older.  According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than half of patients over age 65 have some degree of cataracts development, and more than half of people over age 80 either have a cataract or have had cataracts surgery. 

Cataract -- a clouding of the lens of the eye -- is the leading cause of vision loss in people over age 55. Symptoms include: blurry vision, colors that appear faded, glare, difficulty seeing well at night, double vision.  If you have any of these symptoms, please make an appointment with an Ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

Is your ophthalmologist a member of the Sarasota County Medical Society? Browse our list… Ophthalmology


TDC Logofree


The Doctors Company offers a variety of Continuing Medical Education opportunities.  Please note that the webinars are FREE OF CHARGE. I would encourage you to participate as they are all very informative.

Click on the link below to find the webinar dates, times, descriptions, and registration information.  CLICK HERE